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Tarneeb Game Tab:

Overview: displays all available Tarneeb game rooms and the tools you need to filter rooms, play in a room, and watch in a room. It consists of two main parts: The filter rooms menu and the game rooms panel.

Filter rooms menu:

Show all rooms: all game rooms are visible.

Show rooms with empty places: displays game rooms that have empty player places and hides completely empty rooms and full rooms.

Show completely empty rooms: displays game rooms that have no members and hides rooms that have players and/or watchers.

Game rooms panel:

Overview: displays all Tarneeb game rooms allowed by the rooms filter. The maximum number of Tarneeb rooms is fifty rooms. Scroll up and down to see all available rooms. The rooms panel consists of a collection of game rooms.

Tarneeb Game room: is where you can play with other users, get information about a running game, watch others playing. Color codes for friends and enemies are applied to all user names inside a game room. A game room consists of seven parts: The room header - The lock sign - The room number - The current round number - The players panel - The watcher login blue arrow - The watchers panel.

The room header: is the rectangular area at the top of the room. The header contains the lock sign, the room number, and the round number. The room header's background color changes accourding to the room state. In the figure above room number one has a black background color because all player slots are full (no place for more players), room number two has a dark blue background color because it has one or more empty player slots, and rooms number three, four, five, and six all have a light blue background color because they are empty and have no members.

The lock sign: is a small yellow key that appears in the left side of the header when a room is secured with a password as in room number one in the above figure.

The room number: appears in the middle of the header and it displays the room number. In the above figure the first room shows "Room 1" and the second room shows "Room 2".

The current round number: appears next to the room number and it displays the number of the round being played inside the room. In the above figure room number one players are playing in the first round "[ 1 ]", and room number two players have not started a game yet so you can not see a round number.

The players panel: appears under the "Players" title and it contains four slots for players. You can play in a room by double-clicking an empty slot. You can start a private chat with any player by double-clicking his/her user name. You can see the current score of a player by pausing your mouse over his/her user name for a moment. The first slot is always for the room administrator so if you wanna ask for the room password talk to the player in the first slot. In the figure above "user 1" is the administrator of room number one, and "user 5" is the administrator of room number two. Players background colors are changed according to their current scores, the darker color has the highest score and the lighter has the lowest.

The watcher login blue arrow: appears next to the "Watchers" title. You can watch in a room by clicking this arrow.

The watchers panel: appears under the "Watchers" title and it displays all users that are watching the game inside a room. You can start a private chat with any watcher by double-clicking his/her user name.

Room login window:

Overview: appears when you try to join a secured room. enter the room password in the password box and click ok. Click cancel if you don't wanna join the room. If you don't know the room password, talk to the user in the first player slot and ask him/her for the password.

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