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Tarneeb Window:

Overview: appears after you successfully join any Tarneeb room. This window is where you play or watch Tarneeb.

Tarneeb window tabs:

Game table: is where you play/watch, chat, and manage the game room.

Score board: records and displays all played rounds and their information.

Player box:

Overview: displays the player name, the action arrow, the player Cards, the tricks count, the player score, and the player call.

The player name: is "user 1" in the above figure or nothing if no user is in that player slot. Color codes for friends and enemies are applied.

The action arrow: appears when an action is required. When this arrow is visible then that player is required to place a call or to play a card.

The player Cards: shows the Cards a player needs to play. When it's your turn to play a card, double click the appropriate card to play it.

The tricks counter: show how many tricks a player has won out of the total tricks he/she has called. In the above figure "user 1" has called seven tricks and hasn't won any tricks yet "0/7". When a player wins the exact number of tricks as called, this counter displays "Made".

The player score: displays the player current score, In the above figure, "user 1" has a score of zero "0".

The player call: displays the player call. In the above figure, "user 1" has won the call with 7 tricks and a diamond trump.

Table Cards:

Overview: displays the Cards being played by players.

Last Trick Cards:

Overview: displays the Cards played in the last trick.

Game information panel:

Overview: displays live information about the current game.

Call window:

Overview: appears when you are required to place a call. Place your call and click ok, pass, or double.

Room members control:

Overview: double click a user name to start private chat. Select a user name and click "Kick Out" to kick that player out of the room (for room administrator only). Color codes for friends and enemies are applied.

Watchers control:

Overview: check/uncheck watchers to control who should see your Cards. Checked names could see your Cards. Click save to apply your changes. Color codes for friends and enemies are applied.

Room control:

Overview: allows you to secure the room with a password and to start a new game (for room administrator only). Click save after you update the password.

Room chat:

Overview: allows you to communicate with other players. System notes are displayed as a virtual user named "System". Please review the private chat section for a full description of the chat tools and menus.

Score board:

Overview: displays played rounds and related information.

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